This is a list of our education-minded colleagues whom we highly recommend for the homeschooling community.

"Edison was very insightful in his definition of genius. There are lots of good ideas and inspirations, but all by themselves they have little value. It takes effort and insight, tools, materials, and lots of time to bring them into solid existence. Applied Inspirations, LLC was founded to assist in bringing new ideas into physical reality by providing:

Examples - Tutorials and projects that demonstrate ideas taken from concept to reality.

Tools - PC boards, software, hardware and kits to explore turning new ideas into products.

Services - For those without the skills, tools or time, we provide services to develop part of, or the whole idea."

"At Bay State Learning Center we think that the best and most lasting kind of learning is self-directed learning. At BSLC each student has the opportunity to work with a mentor to design a specialized learning program to fit his or her own needs, strengths, and interests. In addition to personalized support and a regular schedule of optional classes, BSLC provides a safe, comfortable environment where students can work, socialize, and thrive free of the coercion and pressure of traditional school."

"Be Naturally Curious was started by Valerie Grosso, a former college biology professor, who is passionate about making scientific concepts part of every kid’s life tool kit, especially for those in grades K - 5. She enlisted the help of several like-minded scientists who believe kids’ natural creativity and curiosity make it possible for them grasp and internalize topics adults usually think are too complicated for them. Our artists and designers are also key members of the Be Naturally Curious team, because effective teaching and communication are so dependent on visualizing the topics and processes being taught."

"The construction of our brand new tall ship SSV Oliver Hazard Perry is now close to completion and we are proud to begin our programs aboard in 2015. At 200 feet, SSVOliver Hazard Perry is the first ocean-going, full-rigged ship to be built in the U.S. in 110 years and the largest civilian Sailing School Vessel in America.  With 17 professional crew, she has bunk space for 32 student trainees each session.  This small crew to trainee ratio fosters a safe and productive learning environment, while living aboard the ship."

"The LineStorm Animation Digital Flipbook class rekindles the thrill of discovery in the basics of animation. Working through hands-on exercises that explore a variety of tools and skills, we examine animation’s intellectual side, and the decision-making and visual planning involved in projects large and small. Our job is visualizing motion; we explore, under highly effective miniature conditions, the steps professional animators follow in building a digital project. Finally, we create our own animated short to which everyone contributes hand-drawn sequences. Led by award-winning animator Pell Osborn."