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What Is Conceptual Academy?

Conceptual Academy is a library of science video lessons housed within a sophisticated online learning management system. Through Conceptual Academy the concepts of science are presented to the student, much like the textbook. But while the textbook is where students can read, Conceptual Academy is where they can watch and listen helping to reach a wider range of learning preferences. Mostly, the author created video lessons at Conceptual Academy provide the context students need to read the textbook with greater understanding. Students are then set to have that understanding challenged in the classroom under the expert guidance of the course instructor.

As synergistic companions, Conceptual Academy and the printed textbook provide the ultimate support for instructors looking to develop interactive classroom experiences. Together, these two formats also support more traditional approaches to teaching. In class lectures have more impact and students are quicker to think of questions when they come to class having already studied. Having already studied? How can that be? Conceptual Academy’s point system provides students credit for studying the videos AND the paragraphs in a timely manner.

We also offer "Self-Study" courses for non-traditional students working without an instructor. These self-study courses, created by the conceptual authors, are offered for the independent learner, who upon registering has access to the same resources provided to colleges and high schools including automated quizzes, a grade book, worksheets, hands-on activities, an automated "encouragement-based" homework system, and unit exams. These self study courses are particularly applicable to the home school. While Conceptual Academy delivers the content of science, the home school instructor is free to focus on the most important and rewarding aspect of teaching, which is being there to help the student learn.