Conceptual Academy for High Schools

We have built a support site specifically for high school science instructors interested in using Conceptual Academy. Please visit

“I truly admire your ability to help students make connections between science and everyday life.  You really do bring the concepts to their level and it has helped me tremendously.  I am a second year chemistry teacher and used several of your videos last year, to help supplement our classroom activities.  I saw a huge benefit from using them and I am interested in the other resources you have available.”

Amy Davis
Ferris High School, Ferris, TX

Our conceptual textbooks are used primarily for college courses designed to meet the needs of students majoring in a field other than science. The main focus of this curriculum is to help the student build a strong foundation in the basic concepts of science, which are presented in the context of our daily lives. Because of this orientation, our textbooks have also become popular among high schools. Combined with Conceptual Academy, our conceptual curriculum has much to offer. To learn more, please visit