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Your instructor will provide you a Course ID. For a self-study course, you will find usable Course IDs at LearnScience.Academy.


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Step 03: Ace Science!

With a library of video tutorials, quizzes that give you credit for staying on task, worksheets, study advice, chapter summaries, interactive simulations, and practice exams all organized around the calendar dates of your class syllabus, you'll be on your way to understanding and actually enjoying science, which is the golden key to your doing quite well.

Step 04 :Gain access to added features and more...

For only a small fee you have access to hundreds of video lessons plus added features, such as author-generated chapter summaries of your textbook and practice exams. With your support we look forward to extending the capabilitied of this site. Thank you!


  • Self Study Courses

    The best path to learning on your own is to get hold of a copy of the conceptual textbook of your choice. Then study that textbook in tandem with a Conceptual Academy Self-Study course, which offers hundreds of our videos lessons, study advice from the authors, worksheets, chapter summaries, automated quizzes tracked in a grade book, unit exams, and more for a complete learning experience. To learn more, visit LearnScience.Academy.

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  • Instructors

    Send us your class schedule (syllabus) showing what topics you aim to cover on what dates. We will use this to create a customized course for you and your students. To learn of all that Conceptual Academy has to offer, please visit our instructor support site: Click the button below to be brought to our instructor request form. Better yet, click here to set up a phone date with us: Phone Appointment.

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  • Students

    Your course instructor may have established a unique Conceptual Academy course that you may join. If so, you'll be provided with a “Course ID.” Upon registering, enter this Course ID to become a member of your instructor's classroom. You will be able to earn points just for reading your textbook and watching Conceptual Academy video lessons. You'll also have access to other study resources, such as worksheets, study advice, chapter summaries, interactive simulations, practice exams and more. Get that Course ID!!

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