2B The Bonding of Atoms

Valence Electrons

Electrons behave as though they are arranged in a series of seven concentric shells, which can be depicted by the shell model. Valence electrons can be represented by electron-dot structures showing only those electrons in the outermost shell. Duration: 7:39.

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Covalent Bond Formation

The formation of covalent bonds and conventions for representing covalent bonds is explored. Duration: 3:27.

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Water, Ammonia, and Methane

A nonmetal atom will form as many covalent bonds as it needs in order to have a filled shell. The formation of the covalent compounds water, ammonia, and methane are explored. Three dimensional animations of these molecules are displayed. Duration: 5:00.

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Multiple Covalent Bonds

A multiple covalent bond occurs when there is more than one covalent bond between two atoms. Duration: 4:13.

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