7E Nuclear Fusion

Matter and Energy are Convertible

The relationship between mass and energy is discussed. The amount of energy found within a given mass is calculated using the famous equation E=mc(2). Duration: 9:18.

A Nucleon's Mass Depends on Location

The mass of a nucleon depends upon where it is located. A nucleon in a uranium nucleus, for example, is more massive than it would be if it were in an iron nucleus. Duration: 3:15.

Fusion: The Combining of Nucleons

The mass per nucleon graph is used to illustrate the mass-energy transformations involved in both nuclear fusion and fission. Duration: 3:21.

Thermonuclear Fusion

In order for nuclei to fuse together they must be hurled towards one another at great speeds in order of overcome the repulsive electric forces between them. This occurs in stars where nuclear fusion is sustained by the generation of much heat. Duration: 5:33.