3.4 Elements to Compounds

Elements to Compounds (Textbook)

Compounds are Made From Elements

A compound is a material made of at least two different elements. How a compound is uniquely different from the elements from which it is made is discussed. Duration: 8:01.

KM: Oxygen Bubble Burst

Kai and Maile demonstrate the Oxygen Bubble Bursts Hands-On Chemistry activity. Note that a long match stick should be used so that the flame that flares up in the yeast-containing glass doesn't give you a burn. Duration: 3:01.

Podcast, Chemistry, Chapter 03

For this third episode we interview Brian Pritchard an expert in the area of team based activities and human performance. Attention is given to the value of team-based learning in the classroom and beyond. This is followed by a review of Conceptual Chemistry’s foundational Chapter 3, Elements of Chemistry. Topics include physical and chemical changes, the periodic table, elements and compounds, mixtures, and nanotechnology.

Each episode is about an hour long and available for download or subscription to your portable device.

Show notes available at ConceptualScience.com/Podcasts