38.5 The Inner Planets

The Inner Planets (1 of 4)

The plane of our solar system, as defined by the ecliptic, is pointed out within the evening sky. How the angle of the ecliptic can be used to approximate your latitude is also discussed. Duration: 4:36.

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The Inner Planets (2 of 4)

Information about planet Mercury obtained from the Mariner and Messenger space probes is discussed along with some details about Mercury's odd orbital motion. Duration: 4:40.

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The Inner Planets (3 of 4)

The conditions on Venus that led to a runaway greenhouse effect are highlighted along with other geologic details provided to us from space probes. Duration 8:00.

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The Inner Planets (4 of 4)

How Mars lost most of its geologic activity and the bulk of its original atmosphere is discussed along with current geological features such as massive impact basins, ancient volcanoes, and carbon dioxide geysers. The possibility of terraforming Mars is also explored. Duration: 13:36.

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