12.3 The Covalent Bond

Distinguishing Mass, Weight, and Volume

Three very fundamental physical quantities are discussed: mass, weight, and volume. Mass and weight are not the same thing: while mass is the amount of matter, weight is a gravitational force. Volume is the region of space that an object may occupy. Duration: 10:17.

Sharing Electrons

Covalently bonded atoms are held together by the force of attraction they each have for electrons that they are sharing. Duration: 3:32.

Covalent Bond Formation

The formation of covalent bonds and conventions for representing covalent bonds is explored. Duration: 3:27.

Water, Ammonia, and Methane

A nonmetal atom will form as many covalent bonds as it needs in order to have a filled shell. The formation of the covalent compounds water, ammonia, and methane are explored. Three dimensional animations of these molecules are displayed. Duration: 5:00.

Multiple Covalent Bonds

A multiple covalent bond occurs when there is more than one covalent bond between two atoms. Duration: 4:13.