13.4 Acids Donate Protons; Bases Accept Them

Chapter Introduction

John discusses the great applications of acids and bases from atop a national park in the western United States. Duration 1:35.

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Defining Acids and Bases (Part 1)

Acids donate protons and bases accept protons. When the hydrogen atom loses its electron, the proton is left. This is the hydrogen ion. The hydronium ion is a water molecule that has bonded to a hydrogen ion. Duration: 8:35.

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Acid/Base Is a Behavior (Part 2)

A molecule donating a hydrogen ion is behaving as an acid. A molecule accepting a hydrogen ion is behaving as a base. Water behaves as an acid when it donates a hydrogen ion. Duration: 7:29.

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Salts and Neutralization Reactions

Salt is a general term describing many compounds. All salts are the ionic products of the reaction of an acid and a base. Duration: 13:04.

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