9.5 The Quantum Hypothesis

Wave Mechanics

Particles such as electrons also have wave-like properties. Properties of waves, or wave mechanics, is discussed. Duration: 7:35

The Formation Of Standing Waves

Standing waves occur when the frequency of the wavelength matches the dimensions of the container. An understanding of standing waves helps explain why electrons are restricted to different orbits. Duration: 7:35.

The 3-D Waves Of Electrons

An electron is a 3-dimensional type of wave, which can be represented by a probability clouds and atomic orbitals. Examples of various atomic orbitals are discussed. Duration: 8:47

Energy Level Diagrams

There are many atomic orbitals that describe the regions of space where electrons are found. Energy-level diagrams are used to describe these orbitals and how they are occupied by electrons. Duration: 7:03

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Electron Configurations

An electron configuration describes the arrangement of electrons in the orbitals of an atom and also gives rise to its properties. Elements with similar chemical and physical properties are found grouped together in the same vertical column of the periodic table. Duration: 4:15.

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