16.4 Solubility


Solubility depends upon the molecular attractions that occur among molecules. Duration: 5:37.

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Solubilities In Different Solvents

Different solutes have different solubilities in different solvents. When a material is insoluble, the interactions within the material are overwhelmingly stronger than the interactions with the solvent. Duration: 5:15.

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Solubility and Temperature

Solubility changes with temperature. Gases have solubility and that also changes with temperature. A demonstration is given that shows how the solubility of a solute also changes by changing the nature of the solvent. Duration: 8:04.

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KM: Chromatography

Kai, Maile, and Ian show how the different components of ink can be separated from one another based upon the differing degrees of attraction they have for the water and the paper. Note that the water shouldn�t be added too fast as Ian ends up doing. Duration: 3:30.

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