26.4 The Outer Planets

The Outer Planets (1 of 4)

An exploration of Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system, along with some of its more fascinating moons. Duration: 7:54.

The Outer Planets (2 of 4)

The first of two video lessons exploring this famously ringed gaseous giant. Focus is given to the planet itself and the nature of many of its moons. Duration: 9:08.

The Outer Planets (3 of 4)

The dynamics resulting in Saturn's icy rings are explored as well as the system for naming these rings. Duration: 5:53.

The Outer Planets (4 of 4)

The history of the discovery of these outer gaseous giants are discussed along with interesting facts about these planets and the role they may have played in the formation of our solar system. Duration: 12:25.