10.1 Acid Base Definitions

Defining Acids and Bases (Part 1)

Acids donate protons and bases accept protons. When the hydrogen atom loses its electron, the proton is left. This is the hydrogen ion. The hydronium ion is a water molecule that has bonded to a hydrogen ion. Duration: 8:35.

Strong Acids Form Lots of Ions

The behavior of acids and bases can be classified as strong or weak. Strong acids donate the hydrogen ion forcefully. Acid strength can be revealed by testing for how many ions are formed when the acid is added to water. Duration: 5:35.

Acid/Base Is a Behavior (Part 2)

A molecule donating a hydrogen ion is behaving as an acid. A molecule accepting a hydrogen ion is behaving as a base. Water behaves as an acid when it donates a hydrogen ion. Duration: 7:29.

Weak Acids Form Few Ions

Weak acids are reluctant to donate the hydrogen ion. Few ions form when a weak acid is added to water. Duration: 4:19.