12.5 Energy Through Redox

Chapter Introduction

John introduces the fundamental ideas of this chapter by a campfire along the shores of Lake Champlain, Vermont. Duration 1:15.

Defining Oxidation and Reduction

Oxidation and reduction are formally defines and the reaction of magnesium and oxygen is used as an example. Duration: 8:35.

Getting Electrons to Flow

An electric current can be created when two materials that have differing tendencies to become oxidized and reduced are placed in contact. You can't just hold the two materials together, however. They must be set up so that there is no build up of charge. Duration: 12:03.

Fuel Cells Are Remarkable

A fuel cell is different from a battery in that it generates electricity from a fuel that is continuously piped into the fuel cell. This video lesson shows how a hydrogen/oxygen fuel cell works. Duration: 10:50.