6.1 The Gaseous Phase

Temperature Measures Average Kinetic Energy

The hotness of a material is related to the average kinetic energy of the submicroscopic particles within that material. In general, the hotter the material, the greater the average kinetic energy of its particles. We say "average" kinetic energy because the particles are all moving at different speeds--some fast some slow. Duration: 1:40.

Phase Changes: A Submicroscopic View

The different phases of matter are discussed from the perspective of submicroscopic particles, which are shown through a series of animations, as well as by some hand-waving. Duration: 3:59

Organizing Phase Change Terms

There are numerous terms used to describe the transformation of a material from one phase to another. These terms may be conveniently organized around a graphic the shape of a triangle. Duration: 5:18.

Phase Change Demonstrations

Several activities that demonstrate the change of phase are presented. Duration: 9:19.