8.3 Other Properties of Water

Melting and Freezing Water

When water freezes, energy is released. Conversely, energy is required to melt water by breaking the hydrogen bonds that hold water molecules in a crystalline structure known as ice. Duration: 9:22.

Water Density and Temperature

Like most materials, when water is heated it will expand. However, water has another unique property of occupying more space when it melts. Consequently, water is the most dense at 4 degrees Celsius. Duration: 9:17.

Specific Heat

Another property of a material is how long it takes to heat up and cool down. This is spelled out in a concept known as Specific Heat Capacity. It takes a long time to heat up water, and once it is hot, it takes a long time to cool it down. Duration: 7:52.

Water's High Specific Heat

A paper cup filled with water is heated with a torch, but does not burn. The energy from the torch is soaked up by the water, which has a high capacity to hold heat. Water's high specific heat has pronounced effects on our global environment. Duration: 6:08.