Conceptual Physics

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Paul Hewitt's best-selling and defining text continues to be the benchmark against which all others are judged. The motivating idea of his books has always been and continues to be concepts clearly explained first, with calculations later. His books engage the student with clear language, simple analogies, and explanations that go beyond descriptions. He authors the ancillaries to his books, which connects learned concepts to hands-on practice. Hence the student are guided to the connections that build a strong conceptual understanding of physical principles from classical mechanics to modern physics.
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“This book is widely used as a textbook for high school and college courses. The author has excellent communication skills and thorough understanding of the concepts as the material is presented very clearly and precisely. Furthermore, it is presented in clear, plain language, not technical jargon. The book is written in a way that makes it very engaging. You can also sense the author's passion for conceptual physics, which is infectious. Many of the examples, questions, and diagrams are intriguing and/or fun.” F. Reema, Louisiana Amazon Review
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Regardless of your math skills or whether you remember much from any previous science course, you will find each of our conceptual programs to be most accessible. The only pre-requisite is that you are curious about the world around you. We do, however, require that you be able to read and that you navigate the web with an up-to-date browser.
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Newton's Laws, Momentum, Impulse, Work, Power, Energy, Gravity, Satellite Motion, Atoms, Molecules, Pressure, Heat, Temperature, Phases of Matter, Laws of Thermodynamics, Sound Waves, Coulomb's Law, Electricity, Magnetism, Light, Color, Rainbows, Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Relativity